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Dealing with other agencies

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Posted on Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:31 pm

Dealing with other agencies

The Secret Service and our allies aren't only active agencies that exists and that's why there have been some conflicts. I'd like to recall you all, regardless of rank, about appropriate behavior and representing the Secret Service. Those things under control are why we stand as top agency. 

Official Rules, rule n.o 1
 Respect everyone, regardless of rank, gender or beliefs.

This isn't only for members of the Secret Service but also for whoever visits the Secret Service. This is overall rule that must be followed whenever you are visiting another agency and wearing <SS> motto & badge, when you represent the Secret Service you do it simply by following the rule above.

Diplomacy of the Secret Service:
The Secret Service does not wage war. 
Agreed by allies of the <SS> aswell

Whenever you work for the Secret Service and represent the Secret Service you are demanded to behave correctly. Members of the Secret Service does not tease, treat with disrespect or raid any other agency. Behavior like this is punishable when noticed. Any agency that isn't allied with us shall be treated friendly and neutrally. Remember, attitude you take as member of the Secret Service will be understood as attitude the <SS> takes. 

Member of another agency that comes to the Secret Service and trolls, raids plays the fool will be treated as any troller - muted, kicked and banned from the room if needed. They can also be reported to agency they represents, yet it's up to them how they wants to deal with it. 

Troll/raiding agencies
Such as CSI and CSA/MI5. 

The Secret Service does not make alliance with them nor won't co-operate with them. CSI and CSA is stated under Kick On Side list, based on their own behavior. This doesn't mean that we are in war with them, as been mentioned: The Secret Service does not wage war. Members of the Secret Service must treat them friendly and neutrally. Their incharge members are banned from the Secret Service because of their behavior. CSA and MI5 has been trying to steal members of the Secret Service, raid the Secret Service and confidence people to trash the Secret Service. They are marked on our terms of alliance. Yet any innocent single member of those agencies shall not be treated unreasonably by any member of the Secret Service.

We are the Secret Service
I'm proud of the Secret Service because we don't victimize, tease or treat unfairly anyone at the Habbo. That's the reason why we are all proud to be part of this agency and we shall keep it so. We are the Secret Service.

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