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<SS> February Events!

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Posted on Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:39 am

<SS> February Events! Iw6n8m

Below is the list of the OFFICIAL Secret Service Events brought to you by the Special Events Team (SET)! 

- February 1 & 2 - Non-HC Day: Show that our agency supports everyone! We do not discriminate against norms!

- February 10 & 11 - Stop the Bullying: Wear a red outfit and show your support for people standing up to bullies! Ask 5 questions about bullying (anyone who answers the best will get 2c.  The questions will be placed on the website.)

- February 12 - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday: In honor of one of USA's Presidents, today is BEARD day! Show your support and wear some facial hair. 

- February 14 - Valentine's Day (Ball): Attend the Secret Service's Valentine's Ball - starting at 7:00PM EST. Search Channdie for the entrance.  (Request to wear the Valentine's Ball badge for admittance).

- February 15 & 16 - Celebrity Day: Enjoy your weekend and dress like your favorite celebrity! 

- February 17 - President's Day & Washington's Birthday: Show your support for past and present President's by wearing red, white and blue!

- February 20 - THANKS Day: A time for persons to say why they're thankful for SS.  The best ones receive a prize! (More details to come).

- February 22 - Sports Day:  Dress in the colors of your favorite Sports Team! 

- February 23 - SS Annual Ball:  The annual SS Ball is BACK! Time: TBD

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