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JediDream's Promotion Log

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Posted on Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:50 am

15/1/14 - 5:02PM = Promotion of Huddah: Trainee - Cadet
Reason: Shown hard work and determination. Took my advice of creating a welcome message and used it. Therefore I promoted him.

15/1/14 - 5:37PM = Promotion of Hagar322: Security Consultant 1c - Security Generalist
Reason: Shown hard work and eye at identifying workers and intruders. Therefore I promoted her.

15/1/14 - 5:50PM = Promotion of chronic1D: Cadet - B.U.M Inspector
Reason: Been working for 1 hour at her station without being promoted. Shows dedication and commitment to her job. Therefore I have promoted her.

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