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Important: Changes to New Unit Promotions

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Support Administrator
Support Administrator

Posted on Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:55 pm

Hey all,

In order to facilitate the efficient handling of badge requests as a direct result of promotion, we are implementing the following with immediate effect:

The 'AB' (Awaiting Badge) badge is now to be used for the purposes of new unit promotions as well as transfers.


When promoting someone to a new unit, you are required to pursue the badge request using the following:

1. Seek a badge admin in-game and ask them to accept the request - This is the most efficient way however if none are available, use one or both of the next steps;

2. Seek an AB badge admin in-game and ask them to accept the Awaiting Badge request - This will allow the promotee to officially use their new rank without the unit badge.

3. Post in the 'Badge Request' section on the forums.


The benefits of this new feature are numerous:

  • It will allow the badge admin team to deal with requests more efficiently - if someone is asking for a unit badge and is wearing the AB badge, we can confidently conclude they have been legitimately promoted.
    (Admins please remove the person from AB once you have given them the new unit badge).

  • There are considerably more AB badge admins than full admins, so locating one should not prove difficult.

  • AB badge admins may be given to people Terroriquez wishes to test for full badge admins (as always, do not ask for this)

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Support Administrator

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