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The Secret Service 2014

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Posted on Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:35 am

Moving for 2014
We are leaving the year 2013 behind us. We have faced success, betrayal and we have ended careers of our enemies with the best revenge, massive success. When we started from the bottom, couldn't say that we were top leaders of habbo agencies, but step by step we are moving to the point where we have nothing to prove. I have noticed the change that happent to myself. I have met many new people, dealt with difficult situations and most importantly learned of it all. I have noticed my fellow workers learning new things, improving their leadership skills and then teaching them to staffs who decides to join to our team. After all, the year 2013 is over and we shall have no regrets.

New base
We have new and improved base. Working stations with supervising sofas-/chairs. Command balcony, office and massive back-/bar area opened for everyone. Not to forget about our luxery VIP area for allies and other dignitary. Giving honest comment to explain the HQ change, situation awareness. I have noticed some slack of population and ''asst FTF chairs'' didn't really help it to look better. After we have switched to this new base, our population is getting higher again and I'd say that there wont be change to that in short-term future.

Slack of communication
Communication is the key. We've had less and less meetings recently and it must be changed. We need to sit down at the same table and discuss about things. Our HR team has great ideas, we need to give them chance to share them. Therefore I'm looking at the meeting policy and deciding what do to with it. More meetings about current issues and situations shall be arranged.

New founders
First to mention, our foundation team is great. They're all very close to me, brothers. Our foundation team is very workable, everyone is getting well along and rare disagreements won't leave the foundation table unresolved. Our foundation team has max amount of members and today we're reaching it after months with half foundation. Max amount founders the Secret Service can and will have is 6. Today I am promoting AgentSam23 and Ocelan to founders of the Secret Service and they are ''getting their names to the door''. 

Both of them are very old and respected members of the Secret Service. Ocelan firstly transferred here as Trial HR, therefore we could say that he started from the bottom. With months of hard work he reached to the iC ranks always to royal rep, second incharge. AgentSam23 was loyal supporter of the Secret Service even before he decided to join us. Yet he joined when the agency was still somehow new and small and he surely made glorious path as incharge member always till speaker of the SS, second incharge. Now they have both deserved to be promoted to our foundation team, with full agreement from the founders. 

At the same time, i'd like to congratulate IAmWill! for moving to Joint Founder rank. Will, together with Brennan, belongs to the few first members who still works with us. Many things in our system are made or-/and developed by Will. If someone deserves to be promoted, then it's surely Will. 

Founding Father: Terroriquez
Joint Founder(s): Serg. & IamWill!
Founder(s): USMCCOMMANDER, AgentSam23 & Ocelan

Lets do our bests and make the year 2014 even better than the last year was. Our community inside of the SS closer and alliances with our allies stronger. Let's break more records and see the Habbo wondering what hit them. But above all, lets make this agency better for us and those who works with us.

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