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Re:Application For AT are Now OPEN!!!

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Posted on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:12 am

Name: Barbarafairy
What Team Are You Applying for?
Creative team

Why are you applying for AT?
I am applying for AT because i have heard a lot about Advertising Team.That, How they make banners using different kind of Softwares.Andi got a lot of interest in this.I think it would be a great fun for me!

What can you bring to the team?
I can bring peace and happiness to the team.I will have the joy of Team-Work.I will respect all of my leaders and members in the team,I will also be co-operative.

Why Do you think you deserve to be a part of AT?
I think i deserve to be a pert of AT because,I am Creative and have a imagination to think.I always dream of things and want to create them too.If i can join the team if would be a great fun for me to do team-works!

Please State If you have any experience in Advertising/Marketing
Well,this question i didn't understand sorry  Sad 

Please take time to read my Application,If i can join the team it would be a great pleasure for me

Thank you Very Happy 


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Posted on Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:53 am

Thank you for your application Barb (: 


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