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Support Administrator
Support Administrator

Posted on Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:19 pm

Hello All!

Hiya all, Adam here. I'm just going to give you a general update. 

As you may or may not be aware, a few weeks ago, we were trashed. -koolStorybro,, aka Alex, has created a new agency called DHS. This agency is virtually an exact copy of SS, with Units that are mostly the same name as ours, with Foundation, AO, AO, JO, CO, IA, HR, Security, Trainers, Diplomatic, etc. They are currently going into the <SS> HQ and are offering our employees High-Ranking jobs at DHS. As a result of this, Alex, Otis679, or any other DHS personnel are hereby placed on Kick on Sight. They open on Monday, so be aware. 

As you all know, VS, aka Virtual Spies, have been raiding us. This is just a reminder that all VS are Kick on Sight. 

As all of you know, we recently merged with [SF], which was owned by Adawolf. This merger has been completed and Adawolf's [SF] HQ has now been made 2nd base. If you are asked to go to 2nd base, please search Adawolf in the Navigator. 

I am currently seeking input on changing the Mod rank "Mod of Elections" to "Mod of Meetings". Since we do not currently have elections, and the rank description of Mod of Elections is to get ideas from LR to improve <SS> (which any HR+ should do anyways), I propose it to be changed. Please see me in-game or send me a PM to voice your opinion. 

the TMAMoJ competition is on, and the winner gets 25c for a month of HC. TMAMoJ is The Most Active Member of January. The winner will be chosen by iCs. The requirements are: you must have joined the TMAMoJ official badge, which can be found on my profile, the second badge from the bottom. Or, if you see me in-game, i am wearing the badge. The badge is also in the middle of the FTB area. The badge will be locked January 1st, so there is a limited time to enter the competition! Good Luck!

We have hit 32k Members! Congrats to everyone for their outstanding work! Keep up the good work and we will hit 50k in no time!

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