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Updated Meeting Room Policy (COMPLETE)

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Posted on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:02 pm

Meeting Rules
Meetings will never run properly without rules to ensure maximum efficiency. These rules must be followed by all <SS> members at all times while in a meeting in the Meeting Room. If you are found breaking these rules you may have your badge removed, be demoted or in serious cases terminated from the Secret Service altogether. Please be aware that EST (Eastern Standard Time) is our preferred time zone. And you must use it! You must also give a weeks notice on your meeting. Otherwise it will be cancelled!
Requirements to host and/or be in a meeting:

You must be HR+ to receive the Meeting Room badge and attend meetings unless approved by a Co-Owner+
MoD's can hold a meeting, having an iC member as their Co-Host.
You MUST BE Presidential (4iC)+ to hold a meeting by yourself.

Host rules/powers:

The minimum rank you must be to attend a current meeting may be raised by the host and must be respected by all <SS> members. (Lowest rank will be HR)
The host of the meeting is the single most person in-charge of the meeting.
There may only be a maximum of one host in the meeting. (If you require more than one host, talk to a foundation member)
There may be a co-host to assist the host if it's required (ONE!)
The host and Co-Host are the only two people that may use colour chat. (Optional)
The host of the meeting starts and ends the meeting. (This may change if a Foundation member requires so)
The host of the meeting chooses who may speak.

General meeting rules:

You must be silent at all times during the meeting unless you are permitted to speak by the host. To stay active either wave “o/” or use “_b” this is to prevent the interrupting of the host.
If you wish to speak you must not use ALL CAPS or colour chat.
Only one member is to be speaking in the meeting at a time.
If you wish to have your say in the meeting, send a whisper to the host or just wave constantly.
Show respect to all attending members.
A report (Feedback) MUST be made. A format will be created at a later date.
Sanctions for breaking the MRP (Meeting room Policy)
Strike 1) A Room Moderator will whisper you with a verbal warning, you will be kicked once the message has been given.
Strike 2) You will be muted by a room Moderator and demoted depending on the disruption of your actions
Strike 3) You will be removed from the meeting, demoted 

Emergency meeting! An emergency meeting is a meeting that needs to be held to discuss something that can create widespread disruption. An example for a Emergency meeting would be to advise people about hacking etc. The rules below show the rules of an Emergency meeting.

Rules of an emergency meeting

1) Only Foundation members can hold "Emergency meetings"
2) The lowest rank able to turn up to an Emergency meeting is HR 
3) Emergency meetings do not have to follow the above policy! As they are important and or urgent.

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